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Tacoma Programmable Lighting


Have you been looking for a Tacoma programmable lighting system that actually functions like it is supposed to? If that is the case, then we highly recommend you get your Tacoma programmable lighting system installed by Trimlight NW. We have been installing Tacoma programmable lighting since 2010 in the Tacoma, WA area, and have continued to provide distinct and high-quality service to both rediential and commercial properties ever since.

What makes our Tacoma programmable lighting different, is that it can be controlled via our app on your smartphone.

This way, there is no need for a remote control that can easily go missing, malfunction, or run out of battery power, just when you want to put on a show with your Tacoma programmable lighting system. On top of that, you have full control over your Tacoma programmable lighting system. By using the app interface, you can adjust the color, patterns, brightness, and many other options. And that is just the beginning. To learn more about what kinds of Tacoma programmable lighting services we offer, take a look at the following list:

  • Fixed programmable lighting system
  • RGB lighting system
  • Permanent programmable lighting technician
  • Rainbow outdoor programmable lighting

If you are ready to start reaping the benefits of Tacoma programmable lighting, call Trimlight NW today at (253) 252-5342.

Tacoma Programmable Light


You have put a lot of work into making your house stand out during the day. Why not do the same at night? By using Tacoma programmable light, you can show off your besutiful home at night, too. If enhancing the look of your property in this is important to you, then we invite you to ocntact Trimlight NW. We are a company with a patent on our own Tacoma programmable light system, which is truly unique and different from similar options on the market.

Besides being exceptionally bright, our Tacoma programmable light systems include a number of features that are not often seen in outdoor lighting systems. For starters, our Tacoma programmable light systems are hardly visible during the day. At night, however, it will be hard to miss them. Also, they do not need to be taken down

  • you can leave them up all year, without fear that they will be damaged by the weather or extreme temperatures. To learn more, we invite oyu to check the list below:
    • Permanent programmable outdoor light
    • Exterior lighting system
    • Maintenance for programmable lighting
    • Professional programmable lighting installation

    To experience using superior quality Tacoma programmable light, please call Trimlight NW today at (253) 252-5342.

    Tacoma Programmable Lights


    When it comes to having reliable Tacoma programmable lights, you will find that our company, Trimlight NW, offers a versatile, and unique options, ocmpared to similar packages available on the market. It is common knowledge that most Tacoma programmable lights tend to either break easily, or do not always function the way they should, especially if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions, or left up for an extended period of time.

    With Tacoma programmable lights, none of that will be a concern anymore. We install and distribute high-quality industrial strength Tacoma programmable lights that are made to your specifications.

    So, if you are celebrating a sporting event, you can easily set your team colors to flash across your house with your Tacoma programmable lights. Additionally, you will not require a clunky remote control to set any of these functions.

    Your Tacoma programmable lights are controlled directly from your smartphone. Whatever colors, patterns, or timing you want for your Tacoma programmable lights, can easily be set on your phone. Want to discover more? Just take a look at the list below, to see what we have to offer:

    • Permanent programmable lights installation
    • LED lighting system
    • Residential channel programmable lights
    • Programmable lights technician

    Make your next project a success. Place your order for Tacoma programmable lights by getting in touch with call Trimlight NW today at (253) 252-5342.

Programmable Lighting - Tacoma
Programmable Lighting - Tacoma
Programmable Lighting - Tacoma
Programmable Lighting - Tacoma
Programmable Lighting - Tacoma

Trimlight continues to innovate and develop new and improved products every year. Trimlight’s goal is to light up America and eventually the world with our permanent, programmable lighting that can be customized for every holiday and special occasion all year, every year!