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TrimlightNW- Referral Program

The Trimlight NW Referral program is designed to help share the beauty and enthusiasm of Trimlight. It is also a way for our sales team to be able to build their client base. The program is important to each sales rep as they work on commission, and gaining your trust and earning your referral is vital to their business. We would like to make sure that the process is clear and not misinterpreted.

To be able to take advantage of the referral program you MUST:

  • Give your referred party your salesperson’s name and contact information. (This will be on the business card they gave you at the time of contact. If you do not have this, you can always contact our office *253-218-1314* to ask who the party was that assisted you in your sale.)
  • Your referrals must work with the same person you did to qualify for the referral check.
  • Make sure that the referred party has given * your* Name to their sales rep (Without YOUR name being presented, the sales cannot document who referred them to us we will *not* issue a referral check).

We cannot issue a referral check to anyone who has not followed the steps to be able to receive their referral incentive check.

We work hard to ensure everyone is taken care of, but sometimes things are overlooked or get lost, we ask that you follow up and check on the status of your referrals with your original sales agent in a timely manner. (We ask that this be within a 2-month Window)

Trimlight continues to innovate and develop new and improved products every year. Trimlight’s goal is to light up America and eventually the world with our permanent, programmable lighting that can be customized for every holiday and special occasion all year, every year!